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Народне вбрання західної Бойківщини: Літовищі та околиці

By Наталя Кляшторна

2017 | Друкарня «Фоліант» (external site)
Copy Available: Yes

Language: Ukrainian
Pages: 84
ISBN: 978-617-7496-10-5 (cloth)

Тraditional costume is a part of folk memory. Supported by the Peter Jacyk Program for the Study of Modern Ukrainian History and Society at the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, this book presents part of a cultural heritage of a micro-region in the western Boiko region in today’s southeastern Poland. The continuity of the Ukrainian folk culture of this region was interrupted by two world wars and then terminated by the forced mass deportations of the inhabitants after World War II. This book focuses on the specific folk costume of the town of Litovyshchi (Lutowiska) and the surrounding area, whose former residents have been dispersed over various towns of Poland and southern and western Ukraine: from the Donetsk region on the Sea of Azov to the shores of the Baltic Sea.