Call for Papers: Special Issue "Odesa: The City of Frontiers"


Guest Editors: Jessica Zychowicz and Volodymyr Kravchenko (Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, University of Alberta)

Founded on May 27, 1794 by Catherine the Great, the port city of Odesa on the Black Sea was part of a grander strategy in securing the Southwestern corner of the Russian Empire. How are the frontiers conceptualized in/through Odesa in ways that simultaneously reveal the city’s diversity, but also create common ground? Do the particularities of the public spaces, traditions, and institutions in Odesa lend themselves to opportunities that are somehow more or less pluralist than in other civic locales? Are the temporal qualities of these opportunities bounded or open? How do exchanges, borrowings, and adaptations shift different narratives, policies, and visions for the city by its inhabitants? What are the impacts of new technologies and mediascapes on socioeconomic (in)equalities?

This Special Issue of EWJUS asks authors and audiences to chart the unique cartographies of Odesa on the global map of the 21st century. Please submit an abstract of no more than 300 words to Dr. Jessica Zychowicz ( by January 1, 2020.

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Vol 6, no 2 (2019) features a special thematic section, titled "Platforma: New Frontiers in Ukrainian Studies."

Guest Editor for Special Section: Nathaniel Ray Pickett

Svitlana (Lana) Krys, Editor-in-Chief
Tania Stech, Book Review Editor 

Published: 2019-10-22




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