Call for Papers: Special Issue of EWJUS "Kharkiv: The City of Diversity"

Despite several recent studies on Kharkiv (by D. Chornyi, M. Dobchansky, V. Kravchenko, V. Masliychuk, O. Musiyezdov, and others), this city still remains underexplored because it is difficult to explain its historical specificity, and especially because of the manner in which the city and its inhabitants respond to present challenges. The historic fate of Kharkiv gives grounds for various questions: is Kharkiv a Ukrainian or a Russian city? Is it commercial or industrial, metropolitan or provincial, deindustrialized or postmodern?  
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Call for Papers: Special Issue of EWJUS "Ukraine–Ireland: A Comparative Perspective"


As a means to overcome the conceptual isolation that area or ethnic studies sometimes have to contend with, this special issue of East/West: Journal of Ukrainian Studies (EWJUS) aims to look at some exceptional yet not unique issues in both Irish and Ukrainian socio-political history. This issue is a logical follow-up to another special issue of Схід–Захід [East–West, predecessor of EWJUS], volume 4, Rossia et Britannia: Empires and Nations on the Outskirts of Europe (2001). With a focus on Ukraine and Scotland, it examines the relationship between national identities and institutions in the eastern and western peripheries of Europe, reminding the reader that the modern state can both sustain and erode the very distinctiveness of peripheries while dealing with historical legacies and the unprecedented challenges of globalization.

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