Popular Music, National Culture and the First Chervona Ruta Festival of 1989

  • Bohdan Klid University of Alberta


This article examines the origins, organization and goals of the first Chervona ruta music festival against the background of the perestroika period, which was characterized by a deepening anxiety over the plight of Ukrainian culture.  In 1988 Ivan Dziuba gave voice to these issues in an essay that, among other things, pointed to the shortcomings of Ukrainian pop culture. The present paper shows how, in its own way, the festival became a response to such concerns, and how the problems and limitation of the festival itself reflected the serious cultural situation in Ukraine.

Author Biography

Bohdan Klid, University of Alberta
Bohdan Klid is Assistant Director, Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, and Faculty Service Officer, Department of History & Classics, University of Alberta.