Update about EWJUS's English-Ukrainian Translation Project


This is the third year of EWJUS’s English-Ukrainian translation initiative. Launched in 2021, this project foresees making all EWJUS publications available in Ukrainian.

Nine articles from volumes 8.2 (fall 2021) and 9.1 (spring 2022) have been published in Ukrainian translation this year; they are featured in a separate section on the EWJUS website. These translations and those from last year—seventeen in total thus far, covering vols. 7-9—are also accessible alongside the original articles in the relevant volumes.

EWJUS’s translation project is made possible thanks to the academic co-operation with the MA translation program at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Through this co-operation, EWJUS offers senior graduate students in the program internship opportunities for a capstone project in academic translation. The Ukrainian side of the project is headed by Drs. Lada Kolomiyets and Olena Pidhrushna. I am extremely grateful to them for making this project happen and to student translators who worked on articles in 2022-23 (during Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine!):


Dariia Ivashkevych, Polina Kyryllova, Oleksandra Misiura, Kateryna Pityk, and Denys Tkachivs'kyi (supervised by Dr. Kolomiyets)


Artem Demenko, Anastasiia Kachanova, Viktoriia Marunina, Olena Mishchenko, Zlata Poduhol'nikova, Lesia Smyk, Alina Voiakivs'ka, and Maksym Volkov (supervised by Dr. Pidhrushna).


In these difficult times, I was so impressed with students’ professionalism, expertise, and diligence in translating articles that encompassed a wide range of topics in Ukrainian studies and involved complicated theoretical frameworks.


I hope these Ukrainian translations will make a positive impact on scholarship in Ukraine, strengthen the dialogue between scholars in Ukraine and scholars in Anglophone countries, increase EWJUS’s international readership and discoverability, and contribute to countering Russian disinformation and propaganda!


Lana Krys

Editor-in-chief, EWJUS