Ukrainian Linguistics in Canada: Second Half of the Twentieth Century and Beyond


  • Andrij Hornjatkevyč University of Alberta



In Canada, linguistic research into the Ukrainian language has appeared in both scholarly periodicals and in book form. For practical reasons, however, only published books will be examined here. These publications may be grouped into three major categories: language instruction, lexicography, and theoretical study. Furthermore, international borders were and continue to be porous: the works of Canadian scholars have been published abroad, while books by American scholars have been published in Canada. Consequently, major textbooks and learning grammars, lexicographic works, and books on theoretical issues dealing with Ukrainian linguistics by Canadian linguists and by foreign scholars published in Canada will be examined here.


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Author Biography

Andrij Hornjatkevyč, University of Alberta

Associate professor of Slavic linguistics at the University of Alberta until his retirement in 2003.