Kharkiv's Soulful Places: An Artistic Research


  • Dmytro Zaiets' Kharkiv School of Architecture



What makes certain places in a city fascinating, even magical? This is not about the so-called “nice city” areas, be it views of historical districts or monuments or city parks—places that are by default associated with pleasant ambiance or recreation. This essay is about places that create an immediate impression and that can become intimate, eliciting an emotional response or addressing our hidden needs. It describes research results achieved by sociology students of the Kharkiv School of Architecture in the 2017-18 academic year. The research was dedicated to urban places with a “soul,” with all of the possible shades and differences this social construct implies. The purpose of this research was to find a way to recreate the charm of places, to recreate their atmosphere and their aura in other contexts. Overall, this essay emphasizes the importance of authentic places and stresses the need to study and preserve them as a basis for the urban life of contemporary Kharkiv.


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Author Biography

Dmytro Zaiets', Kharkiv School of Architecture

Associate Professor, Department of Architecture and Urbanism