“My Grandparents Are Separatists”: How Young Ukrainians Perceive Their National Community


  • Lina Klymenko Tampere University, Finland




Based on focus group discussions with young people in Ukraine, this article analyzes how young Ukrainians conceptualize their national community. The understanding of nationalism in the study rests upon the concept of a discursive formation of a nation. In line with this concept, nationalism is viewed as a certain mode of discourse that reflects citizens’ interpretations of who constitutes a nation. The analysis of the focus group discussions reveals how young Ukrainians perceive the Ukrainian nation in terms of a community with a specific socio-political order, culture, and mentality.


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Author Biography

Lina Klymenko, Tampere University, Finland

Researcher in the Politics Program at Tampere University, Finland, and Adjunct Professor at the Karelian Institute of the University of Eastern Finland.