Guide for Book Reviewers

Guidelines for Writing and Submitting Book Reviews
East/West: Journal of Ukrainian Studies



Browse the books currently available for review by clicking on the link BOOKS FOR REVIEW on the main menu bar.

To request a book for review:

  1. Register as an author with this journal.
  2. Log in as an author.

Click on the request link that corresponds to the book of interest.


EW:JUS uses an Open Journal registration system (OJS) for all users involved in the editorial and publishing process.

If you have received a book from EW:JUS but have not registered and requested a book through the system itself (i.e., Step 1 above), please register yourself as an “author.” Once you have done this, please log in as an “author” and “request” the book you have agreed to review from a list of available books. This will allow the Book Review Editor to assign it to your user profile.

Unless otherwise agreed upon, your review will be due 6 weeks from the day you receive the book. Early submission is welcome.

Book reviews should be 750 to 1000 words in length. Please adjust the length of your review accordingly prior to submission. For collections of articles only, the word limit may be increased to 1500 words, if needed.

At the beginning of your review, please provide full bibliographic information (please note if there are illustrations, maps, a foreword [and by whom], appendix/appendices, notes, bibliography, index, etc.; also please note if the book is part of a series and note the editor of the series, if given) in the following format:


Thomas M. Prymak. Gathering a Heritage: Ukrainian, Slavonic, and Ethnic Canada and the USA. U of Toronto P, 2015. xiv, 370 pp. Illustrations. Tables. Appendix. Notes. Index. $29.95, paper.

Anna Fournier. Forging Rights in a New Democracy: Ukrainian Students Between Freedom and Justice. U of Pennsylvania P, 2012. Pennsylvania Studies in Human Rights, edited by Bert B. Lockwood, Jr. x, 214 pp. Illustrations. Notes. References. Index. $59.95, cloth.

O. I. [Oleksandr Ivanovych] Borzenko. Sentymental'na “provintsiia” (Nova ukrains'ka literatura na etapi stanovlennia) [The Sentimental “Province” (The Emerging New Ukrainian Literature)]. Kharkivs'kyi natsional'nyi universytet im. V. N. Karazina, 2006. 321 pp. E-book,


Please use the Times New Roman 12 pt. font for your review and double-space the text. Please note that we use Canadian spellings (modified British).

Reviews generally should not have footnotes. References to specific points in the book under review can be made as follows: e.g., "(120)" or "(37-45)." If the reference pertains to a particular contributor within an edited volume, please note that contributor’s surname, as well; e.g., "(Smith 120)." 

Please italicize foreign terms and follow the style of the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (8th. ed.), where needed.

Please adhere to the Library of Congress transliteration system (with the exception of the letters " ї " and " й, " which we transliterate in simplified style as " i "; please note that the soft sign is transliterated using a straight quotation mark " ' " ). For geographical terms only, please drop the soft sign: e.g., Lviv, Donetsk, etc.

At the bottom of your review, please list your name and affiliation; this information should be aligned with the right margin and the affiliation should be italicized.

Please save your review in the following format: [year of book’s publication] [book’s author] [name of reviewer]—e.g., “2005 Smith Krys.” We use MS Word.



When your review is ready, please upload it through our website: submissions. The site will guide you through a simple five-step process. Please note that reviews are generally not returned to authors after editing.

Feel free to contact the Book Review Editor for assistance at any stage of this process.

Tania Stech, Book Review Editor